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Our Legacy In OE Remanufacturing Integrated With Our Decades of

Engineering Experience In The Power Systems Field Has

Established A Top-Of-The-Line

Diesel Generator Reman Program

SRC is known for being the leading independent remanufacturer of diesel engines. 


Your Core

If you have a fleet of aging 180kW, 220kW, 300kW, 400kW, and even 600kW MQ Power generators, we have the solution. We reman MQ generators, regardless of the engine brand.

 We have the engineering expertise and supply chain connections to get these machines back in the field to generate more revenue.

Our Finished Whole Good

You are going to be proud to put this machine back in your rental rotation.

Your newly remanufactured diesel generator not only looks new, but it runs like it just got off the assembly line.

                                Oh wait, it did!

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